2016: A Journey Through Drum and Bass

It’s been quite a while since I’ve dabbled in Drum and Bass. Here is a mellow summer mix for 2016. This particular mix turned into a more personal matter as it reflects on a fairly crappy time in the life and times of DJ Odawa… This takes you on a journey with equal parts joy and sadness. Enjoy!


  1. Love U Enough – dBridge
  2. In My Head – Level 2
  3. Red Sky at Night – Dave Owen
  4. Hearts – SpectraSoul
  5. Back from the Streets (feat. Kyro) – Blade
  6. Away With Me (Calibre Remix) feat. Tamara Blesser – SpectraSoul
  7. Lies (Calibre Remix) feat. Grimm – Nitri & Level 2
  8. Stay Classy (feat. T.R.A.C) – Paul SG
  9. Shining Star – Phors
  10. Dusty Fingers (feat. Diane Charlemagne) – S.P.Y
  11. Call Waiting (feat. Steo) – Zero T & Mosus
  12. Everything is Everything – Utah Jazz & Alex Reece
  13. No Good – Xtrah
  14. Top Shelf (feat. Spikey Tee) – Need for Mirrors & Zero T
  15. Lay in Wait – Symptom
  16. You Must Stand Still – Furney & Tayla
  17. Captured in Time – Bcee

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Reconstruction Vol. IV

Alright folks, this is my latest installment in an inevitable podcast series. I have been tweaking my creative capabilities using digital gear and it is definitely a challenge. I have been gradually getting away from mixing two tracks and starting using 3 decks and, essentially, a sampler. Although, it may not sound like much is going on, but this mix kicked my butt! Subtle drum layers, synths, and the loop recorder were all factored into this one. I had a lot of fun (and stress) recording. I Hope you enjoy my latest Tech House series.



1. Corduroy Pillow (Original) – Sean Collier

2. Walnut (Paride Saraceni Remix) – D-Deck

3. Shifted (Original) – Paride Saraceni, Stiv Hey

4. Do The Move (Original) – Paride Saraceni

5. Downtown (Original) – Paride Saraceni, Stiv Hey

6. Eisenheim (WHYT NOYZ Remix) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Matt Sassari

7. Comota (Original) – Ant Brooks, Alex Mine

8. Cradle Snatch (Original) – Anil Chawla

9. Optimus (Original) – F.Sonik

10. You (Paride Saraceni Remix) – DJ Boris

11. Underground (Original) – Ruiz Sierra, Alessandro Grops

12. La Tigue Electrique (Original) – Ron Costa

13. Sick Bastard (Greg Slaiher Remix) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Eri2

14. Stepnologik (Greg Slaiher Remix) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Nikkolas Research

15. Red Code (Original) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Juan Ddd, DJ Smilk

16. Paperdoll (Original)  [DJ Odawa Edit] – Florian Kaltstrom, Miguel Bastida

17. Pumpkin (Original) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Guille Placencia, George Privatti

18. Distrito (Gustavo Bravetti Remix) – David San, Andres Blows

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Halloween Spring Mix

Now that my favorite time of the year is among us, I decided to combine my second favorite time of the year with my first and dish out a deep, dark Tech-House mix to get your Spring motors running!



1. Pulse (Original) – Topspin & Vein Litterback

2. S.O.B (Original) – Doublewave

3. Behind the Wall (Original) – Zoran Beslac, Ruiz Sierra

4. Bunker (Sidney Charles Remix) – Fernando Guzman

5. Blue Yonder (Original) – Ida Engberg

6. Ohy Ohy Balooy (Nick Daring Remix) – Die Haustiere

7. Alien (Original) – Alberto Ruiz

8. Monitor (Perfect Stranger Demented Remix) – Wally Lopez

9. Dark Alley – AN.TI

10. City Destroyer (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) – Slam

11. Vision (Original) – Dema

12. Molecules (Original) – Miguel Bastida

13. Filter Control – Jose Ponce & Abraham Garcia

14. State of Emergency – Miguel Bastida

15. Tandrum (Hermanez Remix) – Anil Chawla


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Reconstruction Volume III

Here’s to a new year and a new beginning…again! This is an exploration of options available with new technology and extensive hours trying to figure out midi mapping. This mix is an easy groover that doesn’t get too hard or too soft with a blend of Minimal and Tech-House.


1. Hidden Treasure (Patrick Zigon Dub) – Echonomist
2. Too Much Stress – Denis Filipovic
3. 300 (Original) – Vlada Asanin & D.F.K.
4. Chupacabra (Original) – Doublewave
5. No Rhyme No Reason – LTJ Experience
6. We Got To (Miguel Bastida Mix) – Zenbi
7. Mantra (Original) – Mike Ivy, Nimo Lero
8. Mulato (Original) – Olivier Giacomotto
9. Perfect Bash (Extended Version) – Kaiserdisco
10. Aetas (Del Horno & Danny Boy Remix) – Aldwin Macapagal
11. JFK (Ich bin ein Berliner) (Original) – Groovebox, Jay Mocio
12. Jack & Diet (Original) – Luca M, JUST2
13. Lip Deep (Ralph Good Remix) – Jason Chance
14. Mondo – DJ Wady & Juanmy.R
15. Venus – Andy Rojas

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Voodoo Empire Summer Mix

So many distractions and unfortunate events take their toll at some point. This mix is a collection of tunes that made me reminisce on the plethora of summer fun I’ve had over the years. I remembered the long car rides traveling to parties, camping, summer flings, random road trips… you know, all the summer things we do.


1. As The Day Breaks – Carmen Rizzo
2. Nickletoe – Super Flu
3. What I Might Do (Original) – Ben Pearce
4. Up To You (If You Love Me) – Cloudy Busey
5. Strahlemann (Original) – Christian Schwarz
6. Don’t Do That (Original) – Kai Hillmann
7. Mick The Freak (Mick Thammer Full Version) – Gerald Peklar
8. Right On, Right On (Hatikvah Remix) – Silicone Soul
9. Tiger (Roland M. Dill Remix) – Johnny D
10. Weekend (Original) – Adam Port
11. Burning Sands (Lee Jones Remix) – Silicone Soul
12. Midnite Man (Tim Paris Remix)
13. Shake It (Mangomint Remix) – Ben Delay & Till West
14. The FunKing (JUST2 Remix) – Fer BR

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Reconstruction Volume II

All work and some school makes for dull days. I decided to put an end to the ordinary and dose it with a minimal bit of funk and bass.

Track List:

1. Rooms & Doors (Original) – Maximilian Staub
2. Blaw (Original Dub) – Minimal Rockets
3. Carabu (Original) – Richie Dane
4. Down – Heinrichs and Hirtenfellner
5. Trombona (Original) – Felix Grant & Gregor Es
6. Indrumalia (Original) – Psicodelix, Ezquisofrenik, Daniel Clavijo, Loogik
7. Fluor Color (Original) – Richie Dane
8. Poco Loco – Kaiserdisco
9. Pi Pi Pi (Original) – Andrea Roma
10. Shehetu! (Original) – Outcode, David San
11. Coaster (Min & Mal Remix) – Stefano Pini
12. Agora (Original) – Doublewave
13. Disco Punto (Original) – Le Musike
14. Piano Man (Uto Karem Remix) – Format B
15. Shadoorack – Stereo Express

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Dancing Ovation Vol. 1

Having been on a hiatus, I have come across a simple, yet major question: “Where do I go from here?” in relation to style. I know it is good to be well rounded and I’m sure no one has a single genre to which they remain exclusively attached. I’ve decided to go through the motions and find out the answer to my question. Here is the first installment in figuring that answer out. It is very downtempo house and a great start to thinking about what I need to think about. Any constructive criticism or feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy.

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The Wonders of Life

Many of us may take life for granted. The simple act of being is just an amazement in itself. Look. You have two eyes. Both of the views from each eye comes together as one view. Close one eye. You see something different. Combine your vision with audible senses. Your in a dance party. You process the music (audible sounds) and the visuals (Yourself dancing). You adjust your movements according to the vibrations from the audible cues. Your equilibrium adjusts to the movements you make according to the audible cues. How much information is being processed in this seemingly simple act? Life is amazing. Little things like this make life so much more enjoyable. Just think if any of these senses were suppressed due to some type of disease or disability. Enjoy every little thing that you can make possible. If your ears were damaged, this wouldn’t be possible. If your legs were damaged, this wouldn’t be possible. If you were blind, you may be able to do these things. Just think of someone who can’t enjoy these simple, yet overlooked aspects of life. Dance the night away. Listen to whatever it is that gets your body grooving to no end. There are people who can’t do these things. Another epiphany in the day in the life of…

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Pink Schedules

What is anything? What is everything? Who are you? Who am I? Why do these questions even matter? Long lost adventures and present excursions explain practically nothing. Do I use 2 spaces after a period? Probably not, but it would be totally acceptable. The gathering of similar personalities will happen tomorrow. Who likes Wu-Tang Clan? What will you do tomorrow? So many questions, so little brain matter. Things happen to test your resilience. Why is resilience constantly being tested. Minimal techno provides the same results as hip hop, jazz, samba, alternative rock jam bands, and funk. Why do they need to be stereotyped as a certain genre and crowd description? Who cares about the depletion of over 400 different species of fish? I can answer all of these questions through music. Does it matter that I can do this? Who cares? Enough with the questions. Two thousand-eleven, what have you got that hasn’t been? Uh-oh, another question. OK, enough; I’m going to satisfy my curiosity through music. That’s right, audible frequencies can do stuff to the brain. I’m going to do just that. Questions?

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Decisions, Cedisions

I have been thoroughly debating with myself the direction I plan to take these posts into. I’m sure everyone has some outlet to voice opinions about current events. With the state of current affairs, I’m certain everyone wants to voice their opinion on things, and they have the best solutions for them. “Not I”, said the cat. I am NOT going to expose my views on anything politics, wars, etc. There is enough of that already. I’m working on converting, or rather combining music and literature, with some possible news on some particular event involving some Native American things. It has already been a hassle trying to keep up with simply recording a mix with school and parenting in constant battle for my time. I am almost done with my first installment of music-ture and will publish as soon as I can. School permitting of course.

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