Sometimes I have one of those weeks when almost everything seems to go wrong and there is nothing I can do about it. This seems to be one of those weeks. What’s my remedy?…Music. I put this mix together so I have something to cheer me up and help me relax. This is a nice mellow groovy collection of songs. Nothing too bloopy, bass-y, or heavy, is involved with this one. Hope it helps you relax like it helps me.

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I constructed this mix when I felt that I needed some really motivational music so I could clean. I didn’t want something with too much energy, but I didn’t want something that was too downtempo either. I tried to make a compromise and stay in between rocking out and chilling out. Needless to say, I got the cleaning done.

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Bass Martians

Here is a mix I constructed out of sheer boredom.   I like heavy bass with my techno so that is what I wanted to display with this mix.  This is the first of many more to come.  Recently, I’ve been on my Techno music binge doing away with the jungle, drum and bass, house, and Brasilian house that I have been playing for quite some time now.  Anyway, here is a nice deep bass techno mix appropriately called Bass Martians.

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Little Known

Surprisingly, very few people know/knew that November is Native American Heritage Month. This is understandable because everything is focused on Christmas, and what’s that other holiday that comes after Halloween?….Oh yea, Thanksgiving. There are a lot of distractions drawing away from the celebration of the Native American contributions to this country. Just keep that in mind when out shopping and cooking that turkey or venison.

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Where’s It At?

Oh look! Its been weeks since I posted. “What’s up with that?” I ask. I have no idea. Let’s just say parenting, school, and job searching requires a lot more time than I thought. The only thing certain is that I will be posting music soon. (This time I’m not lying.)

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Ghostly Entity

I know I should be working on the site but, AVAST! things happen too fast. School and the Voodoo Empire has caught my attention. Soon, (yes soon) there will audible treats and visual delights coming. Lots of things going on and about to happen. Time for some action!

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As I sit outside enjoying the nice cool down of the atmosphere, I start thinking of the traditional Nishnabe culture.  The harvest of crops and preperations for winter are starting to be set in motion.  Most of all, IT’S PUMPKIN AND APPLE SEASON!  I have had a variety of Nishnabe dishes like stewed buffalo, corn soup, fry bread, venison and wild rice, etc., etc.  That compelled me to search for other dishes prepared by indigenous peoples.  I stumbled across this recipe for pumpkin soup . I was thinking of making this and using small hollowed out pumpkins for bowls. Delicious.

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Friendly Distractions

I love being in school now. I have pleasant distractions from the ridiculous things that are constantly being thrown in my path. It’s rough, but hey, at least I have vast subjects of conversation now instead of the stuff that was making me not like a lot of things. As soon as I find somewhere to play the nice new tunes I acquired, I will be almost back to normal. I guess this is what happens when stuff gets done.

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Game Time

Here I am, back in school. I can’t wait to do research, take math classes, write papers, molest computers, and use my head meat. It’s been a long and ridiculously crazy path already, I’m sure there is going to be more ahead. Whatever the case, I’m not about to get thrown around because of someone else’s craziness this time. Oh look! There’s a degree for me. Just have to get it.

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Crazy Trash

I recently received some of my stuff and discovered some trash along with said stuff. It is funny to think about why this trash was put in there because the person who put it in there is so confused.

This one is interesting. I wrote a comment about the author of this paper on the paper.  This comment in the red is funny because the author must be all fucked up on drugs and alcohol (more likely alcohol) because they forgot that I proofread the paper and told them that I liked it and it was nice.  The comment I made about the author was because I have been witness to multiple drunken, violent, racial outbursts made by the author.  So I do believe that would be reading the whole paper before I judge.  Try making statements when you aren’t drunk.

This piece of trash was targeted at my son.  I’m sorry but there is way too much of a taint from the person who tried to give it to him on this.  I’m sure he will do well not having to suffer any kind of ill vibes emanating from this article of trash.

This is a curious piece of trash.  The person that tried to give it to me needs this book more than I do.  They obviously have no recollection of their doings.  I would recommend they read some kind of literature entitled “The Art of Remembering Your Drunken Endeavors and the Effect on Other People”.

What can I say about this tiny chest…It’s just trash.  I don’t know why they gave me these things to throw away.  I’m sure it is because of some chemical imbalance in the brain or something of the sort.  Either way, the real truth about certain things are apparently absent in this person’s world.  Even though I have physical proof of this person’s confusion and lies, I still have to suffer the consequences because of it.  Oh well, at least it is garbage day today so I can put these in their rightful place.

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