Pisst On (The Pisst Off Thought)

Word play, verb slay, minds stay in harm’s way.  Green trees tilt in the breeze.  Permafrost chops off lives inside the lines.  Brain washed all about high cost, souls lost; gray and dry, the sky trine shock the think-nots. The plot won’t stop until the truth is forgot.  Apples rot in tainted pots of snot.  Fish flop out of water, lungs slaughtered breathing harder.  Frantic antics pop static attics in battle chances.  Star lancers pierce ya mattress at dawn; the fawn tramples the gong.  The wrong thong can crush the balls.  Physicals fall in the brawl against snake.  Cobra strikes the fake and wake earthquakes that spread across 50 states.  The fate awaits the traits of intergalactic plates.  The big bang slang a reign of pain in acid rain the game flames every 10 frames.  No pause because the cause post flaws to raw for hardcore jaws, get the gauze; injuries at large.  Medium sized small claws rip astronomical areas, at the same time, one rhyme mutates the enzymes to malaria.  Complete hysteria; road travel in shadows cut the babble at high levels; the treble crumple the simple ripple in dimples the issues official.  No missiles, just break opponents like tissue; can’t miss you, just look for doo-doo,  soft winnie the pooh type crews incinerated by jewels.  Infuse the rules; abused you lose.  No shoes could choose the path of blood pools, yet its been done.

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Rhythms from Yesterdecade

Existing through time as a shadow of a man, life cycles, circling like a fan drifting on a breeze slightly different than the one previously acting like me, or vice versa. Just a verse of subconscious knowledge, self taught; slightly paid for college. The enlightened edge of an indigenous, aboriginal mage; mystical ways , more intricate than a bible page; interstellar winds sway souls to take control of the paths leading to the good and the bad. The equilibrium has to last, otherwise thats your last chance to advance to the advanced form of lifeforms born just to be torn apart by personal brain sparks creating electricity eventually becoming a thought, leading to a path seen clearly only by the being until time stops.

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Dubstep Mix

HERE is a dubstep mix by Kid Professor a.k.a Russell Jones that is definitely going to get your body moving. If you don’t know what dubstep is, now is a great time to find out.

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