Halloween Spring Mix

Now that my favorite time of the year is among us, I decided to combine my second favorite time of the year with my first and dish out a deep, dark Tech-House mix to get your Spring motors running!



1. Pulse (Original) – Topspin & Vein Litterback

2. S.O.B (Original) – Doublewave

3. Behind the Wall (Original) – Zoran Beslac, Ruiz Sierra

4. Bunker (Sidney Charles Remix) – Fernando Guzman

5. Blue Yonder (Original) – Ida Engberg

6. Ohy Ohy Balooy (Nick Daring Remix) – Die Haustiere

7. Alien (Original) – Alberto Ruiz

8. Monitor (Perfect Stranger Demented Remix) – Wally Lopez

9. Dark Alley – AN.TI

10. City Destroyer (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) – Slam

11. Vision (Original) – Dema

12. Molecules (Original) – Miguel Bastida

13. Filter Control – Jose Ponce & Abraham Garcia

14. State of Emergency – Miguel Bastida

15. Tandrum (Hermanez Remix) – Anil Chawla


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Reconstruction Volume III

Here’s to a new year and a new beginning…again! This is an exploration of options available with new technology and extensive hours trying to figure out midi mapping. This mix is an easy groover that doesn’t get too hard or too soft with a blend of Minimal and Tech-House.


1. Hidden Treasure (Patrick Zigon Dub) – Echonomist
2. Too Much Stress – Denis Filipovic
3. 300 (Original) – Vlada Asanin & D.F.K.
4. Chupacabra (Original) – Doublewave
5. No Rhyme No Reason – LTJ Experience
6. We Got To (Miguel Bastida Mix) – Zenbi
7. Mantra (Original) – Mike Ivy, Nimo Lero
8. Mulato (Original) – Olivier Giacomotto
9. Perfect Bash (Extended Version) – Kaiserdisco
10. Aetas (Del Horno & Danny Boy Remix) – Aldwin Macapagal
11. JFK (Ich bin ein Berliner) (Original) – Groovebox, Jay Mocio
12. Jack & Diet (Original) – Luca M, JUST2
13. Lip Deep (Ralph Good Remix) – Jason Chance
14. Mondo – DJ Wady & Juanmy.R
15. Venus – Andy Rojas

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I constructed this mix when I felt that I needed some really motivational music so I could clean. I didn’t want something with too much energy, but I didn’t want something that was too downtempo either. I tried to make a compromise and stay in between rocking out and chilling out. Needless to say, I got the cleaning done.

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Bass Martians

Here is a mix I constructed out of sheer boredom.   I like heavy bass with my techno so that is what I wanted to display with this mix.  This is the first of many more to come.  Recently, I’ve been on my Techno music binge doing away with the jungle, drum and bass, house, and Brasilian house that I have been playing for quite some time now.  Anyway, here is a nice deep bass techno mix appropriately called Bass Martians.

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Dubstep Mix

HERE is a dubstep mix by Kid Professor a.k.a Russell Jones that is definitely going to get your body moving. If you don’t know what dubstep is, now is a great time to find out.

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