Crazy Trash

I recently received some of my stuff and discovered some trash along with said stuff. It is funny to think about why this trash was put in there because the person who put it in there is so confused.

This one is interesting. I wrote a comment about the author of this paper on the paper.  This comment in the red is funny because the author must be all fucked up on drugs and alcohol (more likely alcohol) because they forgot that I proofread the paper and told them that I liked it and it was nice.  The comment I made about the author was because I have been witness to multiple drunken, violent, racial outbursts made by the author.  So I do believe that would be reading the whole paper before I judge.  Try making statements when you aren’t drunk.

This piece of trash was targeted at my son.  I’m sorry but there is way too much of a taint from the person who tried to give it to him on this.  I’m sure he will do well not having to suffer any kind of ill vibes emanating from this article of trash.

This is a curious piece of trash.  The person that tried to give it to me needs this book more than I do.  They obviously have no recollection of their doings.  I would recommend they read some kind of literature entitled “The Art of Remembering Your Drunken Endeavors and the Effect on Other People”.

What can I say about this tiny chest…It’s just trash.  I don’t know why they gave me these things to throw away.  I’m sure it is because of some chemical imbalance in the brain or something of the sort.  Either way, the real truth about certain things are apparently absent in this person’s world.  Even though I have physical proof of this person’s confusion and lies, I still have to suffer the consequences because of it.  Oh well, at least it is garbage day today so I can put these in their rightful place.

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More Whatnots

I’m sure everyone meets that one crazy person that just destroys (to say the least) your life to no end. Well I’ve met that person and I’ve been trying to merge my life back to the normalcy that was for over a year now. Today, more damage was done. I’ve got a real good notion that I’m in for a long string of headaches and rear kickin’. I am not a fan of inept, mendacious crazies.

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