I began producing hip hop with a couple eclectic  kids around the age of 15.  Things like kung fu movies, Wu Tang Clan, and occasional debauchery greatly influenced our style.   We landed a gig performing at the old and legendary club 128, and even though we were 16, we got to stay and enjoy the rest of the night. I got my first glimpse at the club dj scene and was hooked thanks to Todd Perrine. After a while, I was introduced to Dj Quake and delivered some vocals for him for a few shows. I was immersed in the djing thing for quite a while before I decided to start buying records myself. With the help of Dj Goodwill and Olio, I have to say, I became a fairly decent dj. I started out mixing drum and bass because I love the sound. Eventually, I did a little research on things that move me, and I gradually got into house music, which I listened to for a long time before I even knew what djing was. After plunging into world music, I stumbled across samba, bossa nova, and afro funk and developed a taste for a blend of samba and house music. That is where I am and probably where I will stay.

Aside from the music, I was immersed in my Nishnabe (Native American) heritage.  My father is descendant of the Odawa tribe in northern Michigan.  As a child, I was introduced to the Red Road.  My father is an active member of the tribe and holds the title of Cultural Advisor.  I participated in many ceremonies, aiding my father with the proceedings.  I developed a sense of unity with the natural course of the world, universe, and spiritual workings of life itself.  I decided to blend the two worlds of music and spirituality into one harmonious composition called music.  I try to incorporate the two in the musical compositions I produce.  My moniker, DJ Odawa, is a tribute to my upbringing and future goals in life.  Blending the traditional with the modern is the only way I feel I can show my gratitude and appreciation for  my heritage and interests.  It would be nice to have widespread recognition for doing so, but in all honesty, I enjoy life much more doing these things for my own personal satisfaction.  Music and culture will never go out of style and I hope to bring awareness of the native peoples of this land to the masses.  All the while, introducing the idiosyncrasies of the non-mainstream lifestyle and thought processes.  Enjoy.