Alright folks, this is my latest installment in an inevitable podcast series. I have been tweaking my creative capabilities using digital gear and it is definitely a challenge. I have been gradually getting away from mixing two tracks and starting using 3 decks and, essentially, a sampler. Although, it may not sound like much is going on, but this mix kicked my butt! Subtle drum layers, synths, and the loop recorder were all factored into this one. I had a lot of fun (and stress) recording. I Hope you enjoy my latest Tech House series.



1. Corduroy Pillow (Original) – Sean Collier

2. Walnut (Paride Saraceni Remix) – D-Deck

3. Shifted (Original) – Paride Saraceni, Stiv Hey

4. Do The Move (Original) – Paride Saraceni

5. Downtown (Original) – Paride Saraceni, Stiv Hey

6. Eisenheim (WHYT NOYZ Remix) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Matt Sassari

7. Comota (Original) – Ant Brooks, Alex Mine

8. Cradle Snatch (Original) – Anil Chawla

9. Optimus (Original) – F.Sonik

10. You (Paride Saraceni Remix) – DJ Boris

11. Underground (Original) – Ruiz Sierra, Alessandro Grops

12. La Tigue Electrique (Original) – Ron Costa

13. Sick Bastard (Greg Slaiher Remix) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Eri2

14. Stepnologik (Greg Slaiher Remix) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Nikkolas Research

15. Red Code (Original) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Juan Ddd, DJ Smilk

16. Paperdoll (Original)  [DJ Odawa Edit] – Florian Kaltstrom, Miguel Bastida

17. Pumpkin (Original) [DJ Odawa Edit] – Guille Placencia, George Privatti

18. Distrito (Gustavo Bravetti Remix) – David San, Andres Blows